March 7, 2013

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It's that time of year again! For the past few weeks our juicy berries have been tasted and analysed to determine the perfect timing for this year's harvest.

Spring (October - December) in the Uco Valley was cool, by Argentine standards, helping to balance overall canopy growth. The area was hit by Zonda winds throughout Spring and Summer but thankfully neither yield nor grape quality have been affected - both are looking terrific for 2013!

At the moment, the difference between day and night temperature is an ideal 20°C. These conditions prior to harvest help keep and concentrate the aromatic components, colour and acidity in the berries.

All being well, harvest of our Malbec will begin at the end of March and we hope to bring in our Cabernet Franc soon after. As always, Mother Nature is in control, but we hope to be celebrating a successful 2013 harvest in the coming weeks.

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