Our Vineyard

Our vines grow at high altitude, approximately 1,085m above sea level, in the Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina. The Uco Valley is located 60 miles south west of Mendoza at the foot of the stunning Andes.

The Andes is one of the highest mountain ranges in the world. It acts as a natural barrier protecting Mendoza from storms coming off the Pacific Ocean.

Mendoza is a desert region and experiences over 330 days of sunshine a year and very little rainfall. The alluvial soil offers excellent drainage and almost no organic matter. These conditions encourage vines to struggle and produce small grapes with great concentration.

The high altitude leads to wide differences in temperature between day and night. In the intense sunlight, grapes grow thicker skins resulting in more complex and better structured wines with great colour and ageability. Vines rest during the cool nights improving the acidity of the fruit. These conditions combine to balance phenolic and sugar ripeness and give aromatic intensity and freshness to our wines.

Pure glacial water from the mountains flows through the region providing natural irrigation. In addition, we have installed the latest drip irrigation technology allowing our agronomists to precisely control the amount of water our vines receive.