August 12, 2019

Recent vintages destroyed - Zonda wind causes devastating fire< back to Our Journal

Very sadly we have had a harsh reminder of the force of Mother Nature. Zonda winds are a local phenomenon in our part of Argentina and they are feared for the damage they can do in the vineyard but last Sunday, particularly strong zonda winds caused a devastating fire at the facility where our wines are stored prior to being shipped to the UK. We are sorry to share that all of our wine stored there has been destroyed.

Sunday's Zonda winds were the strongest reported in more than a decade and categorized at a magnitude of Z3. Thankfully nobody at the warehouse was hurt but the devastation caused was huge. Local papers reported that in the wider local area there was at least one death, more than 500 fallen trees, 17,000 people without electricity, 34 homes destroyed and more than 60 houses evacuated.

The fire was massive, destroying the majority of the 15,000 m2 (160,000 square feet) property where we stored our wine, along with that of more than 30 other companies and individuals.

Unofficially it is reported that the fire started on adjacent property and then, with the help of up to 100mph winds, spread through the facility.

It unfortunately means that all we have for sale is a limited supply of Carmelita Malbec 2014 and Carmelita Cabernet Franc 2014. If you usually take a case of Carmelita in the Autumn or ahead of Christmas please order your supply now whilst stocks last.

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