May 21, 2019

Harvest time at the vineyard – fun and family time in Argentina< back to Our Journal

We’re just back from our Autumn visit to the vineyard. Harvest was in full swing and the children couldn’t wait to get stuck in, helping to pick and sort the grapes (once they had been coaxed away from chasing the wild Guinea Pigs!)  The Uco Valley looked magnificent in the late summer sunshine; the leaves on the vines and trees just starting to turn from green to shades of yellow, orange and red.

It’s always a relief when all goes well at this time of year and the berries make it safely into barrel and tank. The growing season has been a good one, harvest went smoothly and we are really excited about the 2019 vintages being extra special. We tasted the brand new Carmelita Malbec 2019 ‘grape juice’ straight from the barrel; its complexity and iridescent purple colour were quite exceptional!

As always when we’re out at the vineyard, we tasted previous vintages to see how they are continuing to develop in bottle. It doesn’t get much better than enjoying a glass of wine whilst watching the sun set over the Andes.

As testament to the care taken by our team and the resultant quality of our grapes, it was pleasing to hear that, yet again, the grapes we produced but don’t need for our own winemaking plans have been bought by some of the best and most respected wineries in Argentina.

It was another very successful trip. An opportunity to catch up with friends and colleagues, eat and drink like royalty and get to spend a little family time together in a place that we love. 

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