December 16, 2012

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We're just back from a fantastic trip to Argentina. We were there to blend our 2012 wines but we squeezed in time to see friends, try more wonderful reds, discover more of Buenos Aires and even do a quick hop over to Uruguay (all with a 9 month old baby in tow!).

So, back to the blending. We were working on 3 of our wines - our Carmelita Malbec 2012, our eagerly anticipated Carmelita Cabernet Franc 2012 and our new Carmelita Vista Malbec 2012.

The blending session was run by head sommelier Marianna, our winemaker Pablo and other members of the team. To make the optimum blend we married our preferences with tastings of our previous vintages. We considered the qualities we want for our wine and how the growing season has shaped its characteristics.

We're very pleased with what we've created. Some Syrah here and a little Merlot there has resulted in wines with great mouth feel, finish and longevity. We can't wait to see how they continue to develop in barrel.

We also tasted our Carmelita Malbec 2011 from the bottle. It's now on a ship bound for the UK. 70% of the vintage has already been allocated to stockists or reserved on pre order so please get in touch soon if you'd like some.

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