November 7, 2012

Springtime in Mendoza - an update from the vineyard< back to Our Journal

The past few weeks have been warm and unusually wet in the Uco Valley. As our vines wake from their Winter rest, these conditions provide a perfect start to the growing season. Buds have begun to sprout turning the vineyard bright green with new life.

One of the first key tasks of the new growing season is shoot thinning or "suckering". This is the process where the vines shoots are thinned to produce better grapes.

The thinning process will continue over the coming weeks and is essential for maintaining vine balance and canopy management. By the end of this process our shoots will be well spaced and will provide an ideal canopy for the development and ripening of our grapes during the summer.

So, the news from Argentina is so far, so good. Our 2013 vintages start here!

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